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We offer a wide variety of brushes - over 30 different sizes.
Choose from car, truck and RV wash brushes; wheel and tire brushes; carpet and upholstery brushes; detail brushes; and a selection of miscellaneous others.


We off over 20 different kinds of wool pads, waffle and flat foam pads. we also carry a variety of velco backing plates, adapters, high-speed buffers, orbital polishers, terry cloth bonnets, and foam bonnets.


We offer different types of microfiber towels, terrycloth towels, wash mitts, chamois, bug pads, wax pads, sprayers, qt. bottles, wax bottles, steel wool, razor blades, rubber gloves, drum pumps, scrapers, clay bars, sponges, scuff pads, latex paper mats, plastic floor mats, tire applicators, water nozzles, carpet extractors, drum proportioners, tornador black, and tornador foam guns.

50-50001 BLACK MOTOR
Paint Concentrate

High quality lacquer engine paint offers heat resistance, better coverage, better adhesion and it's economic. Mix 4:1 with lacquer thinner.
Available in gallons, 5 gallons and 55 gallons.


An all-natural concentrated industrial hand cleaner. Absolutely the best hand soap on the market to deep clean the toughest soils. Cleans the dirtiest hands like magic. Use half the soap - get twice the results.
Available in 120-ounce jugs.

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