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C-323 Sealer Wax

A specially formulated conditioner designed to gently cleanse dirt from the pores of any paint finish and condition the vehicles surface. Provides increased protection against weathering and enhances the overall luster of the vehicle. Due to its cationic character that forms an invisible film on vehicle.

C-329 Spray -N- Seal

A silica nanotechnology coating with a glass like gloss and dirt repellant. Last up to 6 months of protection. Fast and easy spray-on, wipe off.

C-310 Carnauba Paste Wax

Made from 100% Brazilian Carnauba. Leaves any finish with an exceptional long lasting, lustrous, clear shine. Contains no cleaners or abrasives.

P-1000 Cutting Compound

1000 sand scratch removal. Removes scratches and nibs on repaired or original painted surfaces. Abrasive crystals break down during buffing cycle creating refined polishing agents for a high gloss. The easy to use water-based, low solvent formula provides an extended buffing window with limited dust and residue for easy clean up and its silicone free making it safe for body shop applications.

P-3000 Max Shine Polish

3000 sand scratch removal. Removes scratches and restores luster of painted surfaces with a hologram free gloss in a single step. The easy to use water-based formula provides an extended buffing window with limited dust and residue for easy clean up. And its silicone free, making it safe for body shop application.

C-327 BRITE GOLD Premiun Cleaner Wax

A 21st Century creme wax that cleans, polishes, and protects in one single operation. Gently removes fine scratches, buffer marks, and light oxidation. Natural oils restore gloss and enhance depth of paint, back to its original luster. Imported waxes and co-polymers offer a long term, mirrored-like gloss & protection on all paint finishes.
Available in quarts and gallons.


Pre-softened formula combines carnauba wax with efficient cleaning agents that remove oxidation, engine exhaust spill-off, and other environmental containments. Speedy Wax is excellent for use on autos, boats, or airplanes. This wax provides a deep gloss with long lasting protection from UV rays, salt air, and harsh weather conditions.Great for fiberglass & gel coats, aluminum, chrome, and any painted surface. Use by hand or with an orbital polisher.
Available in quarts and gallons.

C-316 TRIPLE PLAY Swirl Mark Remover

Triple Play is a three steps in one. It is a polish, wax, and glaze formulated for fast production buffing and final finishing on all types of paints. Cleans and removes 1500-2000 grade wet sand scratches, oxidation and other paint defects. Polishes out swirl marks, brightens color and enhances paint depth while leaving a blemish free, high-gloss finish, and is extremely easy to clean up.
Available in quarts and gallons.


A quick, high-gloss clear coat safe spray solution that can be applied to a wet or dry painted surface. It can also be used on mirrors and glass to repel water for long lasting protection. Use a microfiber cloth to buff to a super high-gloss finish.
Available in gallons, 5 gallons and 55 gallons.


Show Room Shine is a spray, gloss solution used to quickly add gloss and enhance beauty to pre-cleaned finish. Remove surface dust, fingerprints, and smudges. This amazing spray works great on paint, glass and chrome.
Available in quarts, gallons 5 gallons and 55 gallons.


HDCC Combines the very finest synthetic polishing agents and chemical cleaning agents to remove haze and surface defects without cutting through the clear coat. HDCC leaves a clean, mirror-like shine ready for polishing and waxing. Body shop safe, contains no silicone. Can be used by hand or machine use.
Available in quarts and gallons.

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